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Jesse Adams Stein, Industrial Craft in Australia: Oral Histories of Creativity & Survival (Palgrave Macmillan, Palgrave Studies in Oral History series), 2021.*

Stein’s Industrial Craft in Australia is an incredibly important and timely book … and should be required reading for any politician serious about the future of manufacturing industry and a national skills base.
Tim Strangleman, University of Kent, UK

This tightly argued, incredibly rich text should be read not just by labour scholars and activists, but also by progressive politicians and citizens. The themes it raises echo back to the early days of the Industrial Revolution and show that deskilling and the alienation of labour are still with us. John Tully (review in Labour / Le Travail

This is a major addition to craft studies, and will serve as a model for scholars in other geographies to follow.
— Glenn Adamson, author of Craft: An American History (2021)

This book represents a remarkable original contribution to the global study of deindustrialization and oral history more generally.
— Steven High, Concordia University, Canada

Jesse Adams Stein, Hot Metal: Material Culture & Tangible Labour, Manchester University Press, Manchester, 2016.*

Hot Metal shows us how labour history can lead the way that history is written. In that, it is pathbreaking and important. This a terrific story. It is a critical reflection on the mistakes of economic rationalism … without becoming only a story of loss with nostalgia for a golden era. Its findings are salutary.
Diane Kirkby, University of Technology Sydney & La Trobe University

This inventive book about new approaches to material culture and labour history is a remarkable intervention in the field of design history. It will, I am confident, incite future scholars to investigate the people, spaces and objects that define and complicate the world of work.
— David Brody, Parsons School of Design

* Academic book pricing can be prohibitive. If you would like to read a copy of Hot Metal or Industrial Craft in Australia, feel free to get in touch and I can arrange something.


Stein, JA 2023, ‘Co-option or Recognition? Second-wave Feminist Politics and the Frigidaire Australia Women’s Design Conference, 1980’, Journal of Design History, accepted, in press.

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Stein, JA, 2022, ‘The Historian as Document Producer: A Critical Reflection on the Production of Oral History Timed Summaries’, in K. Biber, T. Luker & P. Vaughan (eds), Law’s Documents: Materiality, Authority, Aesthetics, Routledge, London, 112-128. PDF

Stein, JA, and Rowden, E, 2019, ‘Architecture from the Inside: Challenging the Myths of Architectural History through the Oral Histories of Maitland Gaol’, in Speaking of Buildings: Oral History in Architectural Research, in Janina GosseyeNaomi Stead and Deborah van der Plaat (eds), Princeton Architectural Press, pp. 28-49. PDF

Discarded industrial patterns, photograph by Stephen Smith 2019


Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 10.01.58 am.png
Apple II

Stein, JA 2022, ‘Unresolved tensions in green transitions: retraining and the question of ‘how’?’ Dialogues in Human Geography. This is part of a Dialogues in Human Geography‘s Forum; the article responds to Chantel Carr’s ‘Repair and care: Locating the work of climate crisis‘ (2022). PDF

Stein, JA 2020, ‘The Trade Educators’ Syndicate: Making 10 Retirement Lathes in the Twilight of Australian Manufacturing‘, Digital Culture & Society, vol. 6, no. 1 (special issue: Alternative Histories in DIY Cultures and Maker Utopias), pp. 203-06. PDF

Stein, JA 2014, ‘The thinking man’s food processor: Domesticity, gender, and the Apple II’ in Interface: People, Machines, Design, Powerhouse / Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences (MAAS), Sydney, pp. 26–31. PDF

Stein, JA 2014, ‘Who gives a … ? Contemporary design and an ethic of care’, in CUSP – Designing for the next decade, Object Australian Design Centre, Sydney.

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Stein JA 2022, ‘Review: Craft: An American History by Glenn Adamson’, Journal of Design History, preprint online.

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Hermens, A, Simpson, AV, Berti, M, and Stein, JA, 2017, ‘Under new management, tradition of innovation and innovation of tradition: the case of constructive disruption in a family firm’, ANZAM (Australia and New Zealand Academy of Management), Brisbane.

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Stein, JA, 2014, Precarious Printers: Labour, Technology & Material Culture at the NSW Government Printing Office, 1959–1989PhD Thesis, School of Design, Faculty of Design, Architecture & Building, University of Technology Sydney. Supervisor: Dist. Prof. Peter McNeil, Dr Susan Stewart.

Stein, JA, 2009, Domesticity and Gender in the Industrial Design of Apple Computer, 1977–1984, Masters Thesis, School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Supervisor, Prof. Michael Golec.

Stein, JA, 2005, Public Art and Site Specificity: Critical Dilemmas in the Sydney Sculpture WalkHonours thesis (Class 1 & the University Medal), College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales. Supervisor: Prof Susan Best.

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