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2 October 2019, ‘Can we talk about a “Right to Repair” in Australia?’
WHO: John Gerstakis (Ewaste Watch); Assoc Prof Leanne Wiseman (Griffith University); Annette Mayne (The Reconnect Project); Dr Guy Keulemans (UNSW). Chair: Dr Jesse Adams Stein, event developed in collaboration with Guido Verbist, The Bower Reuse & Repair Centre.
WHERE: Design Innovation Research Centre, University of Technology Sydney, CB15.02.22, 622-632 Harris Street, Ultimo NSW 2007
WHEN: 2 October 2019, 5:30 – 7:30pm
BOOKING: Free event. Register here.




2019, Towards a Just City: Roundtable 1 – ‘Many Eyes on the Street’ vs. ‘A Digital Eye in the Sky’, Panel discussion with Saadia Muzzaffa, Jathan Sadowski, chaired by Cameron Tonkinwise, Design Innovation Research Centre, Sydney, 23 May.

2019, Level Up – How Open Source Design is enabling us to be the creator vs. the consumer, panel for Sydney Design Festival, with Liane Rossler, Valentina Zarew, HY William Chan, Angela D’Alton & Alexander Symes, Superlocalstudio, 3 March.

Level Up at Superlocalstudio, 3 March 2019, Sydney Design Festival
Liane Rossler, Valentina Zarew, Alexander Symes, Jesse Adams Stein, HY William Chan, Angela D’Alton, Level Up panel for Sydney Design Festival, Superlocalstudio, March 2019

2018, Interview with Wendy Harmer on ABC702 about the continuing value of trade skills, 7 December 2018.

2018, Futures / Histories, DAB Grad Show Symposium, panellist, UTS Faculty of DAB, 16 November.

2018, ‘History + Design Roundtable: In a World Focused on ‘Design Futures’ – Where is ‘History’ in Research & Practice?’ (event organiser and moderator, with Dist Prof Peter McNeil, Prof Cameron Tonkinwise, Prof Anne Burdick & Dr Susan Stewart), UTS History Network Seminar Series, 10 October.

2018, ‘Not the What but the How: Methods Conversations’, panel chair and event organiser, UTS History Network Seminar Series, 5 September.

2018, ‘The Past and Present of Technological Change’, panellist w/ Dr Frances Flanagan, Work: Past and Present, UTS, 3 May.

2018, Interviewed for Beton Brut, web documentary by Michael Lu.

2017, ‘Oral Histories of Work’, panellist w/ Professor Maryanne Dever, Kylie Andrews, Professor Paula Hamilton, Australian Centre for Public History, UTS, 2 March.

2016, ‘Image Management’, Fieldwork symposium, panel chair, UTS School of Architecture, 16 March.

2014, ‘Hearing your Community’s Voice: Creating an Oral History Project’, panellist, Oral History NSW, State Library of New South Wales, Sydney, 5 April.

2014, quoted in – L. McKenny, ‘New life as pathway mooted for rail line under Sydney’s Mortuary Station’, Sydney Morning Herald, 3 February 2014.

2013, ‘Pictures, Pranks and Printers: Unofficial Creative Practice at the NSW Government Printing Office, 1959-1989’, public lecture for History Week 2013, History Council of NSW, 7 September. Also included as a History Week 2013 video.

CCDP Lecture, 2010

2011, ‘Placewriting” / “placeblogging”’, panel organiser and moderator, with Dr Meredith Jones, Matt Levinson, Polly Levinson, Linda Carroli, Right to the City symposium, Sydney University, Sydney, 9 April.

2010, “Domesticity and Gender in the Industrial Design of the Apple II”, public talk for the Centre for Contemporary Design Practices (CCDP) Seminar Series: Varieties of Cultural History, UTS School of Design, 31 March.

2009, ‘Be possibility’, panellist with Bruce Mau, public forum discussion about the 2010 Denver Biennial, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, 15 May.



Stein, JA, 2018, ‘The Historian as Document Producer: A Critical Reflection on the Production of Oral History Timed Summaries’, What is a Document? A Workshop on Documentation, Records and Evidence, UTS Law School, 8-9 November.

Stein, JA, 2018, ‘The last generation of Australian hot metal compositors: Are there lessons for engineering patternmakers (and beyond)?’ The Production of Information: Technologies, Media Markets and Labour in the Twentieth Century, Hamburg, 12-14 April. Funded by the Fritz Thyssen Foundation & German Research Foundation (DFG).

Stein, JA, and Rowden, E, 2017, ‘Talking spatial memory: Workers, inmates, institutional buildings and mnemonic space’, Oral History Association of Australia Biennial Conference, Sydney, 16 September.

Stein, JA, Simpson, AV, Berti, M, and Hermens, A, 2017, ‘Keeping the axe workshop going’: Australian manufacturing and the hidden maintenance of historical practices’, The Maintainers II, Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, 6–9 April.

Stein, JA, 2017, ‘Fuzzy Pixels, Aesthetics and Avoiding Nostalgia’, Law and History: The Archives, Ethics and Aesthetics Symposium, UTS Law School, 18 March.

Stein, JA 2013, ‘Picturing the Guv: reflections on the process of combining oral histories with institutional photographs’, conference paper, SA State History Conference / Oral History Association of Australia Biannual Conference, Adelaide, 22 September.

Stein, JA 2012, ‘Weighty matters in the shift from letterpress to offset-lithography: Gender, design, & tradition at a Government Printing Office’, conference paper, Gender, Bodies & Technology, Virginia Tech University, 27 April.

Stein, JA 2010, ‘Domesticity and gender in the industrial design of Apple Computer’, conference paper, Popular Culture Association of Australia and New Zealand Annual Conference, POPCAANZ / University of Queensland, Sydney, 30 June.

Stein, JA 2009, ‘Domesticity and Gender in the Industrial Design of the Apple II’, conference paper, George Roeder Art History Symposia, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, 30 April.

Stein, JA 2009, ‘The mystification machine: the Eames Office and the IBM Pavilion at the New York World’s Fair 1964-1965’, conference paper, Failed Design: What Were They Thinking? Bard Graduate School Symposium, The Bard Graduate Center for Studies in the Decorative Arts, Design & Culture, New York, 24 April.


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