Knowledge Sharing and Public Architecture

Opal Tower. Source:

Design and the Public Interest was a 2017-2019 research cluster including Jesse Adams Stein and Dr Emma Rowden (formerly UTS School of Architecture, now Oxford Brookes University). Our work considered the role of the state, and of public institutions, in the open sharing of design knowledge. Related projects and publications are still in development. In a study of Maitland Gaol, we have recently written about the uses of oral history in challenging the traditional tropes of architectural history.



Stein, JA, and Rowden, E, 2019, ‘Architecture from the Inside: Challenging the Myths of Architectural History through the Oral Histories of Maitland Gaol’, in Speaking of Buildings: Oral History in Architectural Researchin Janina GosseyeNaomi Stead and Deborah van der Plaat (eds), Princeton Architectural Press, pp. 28-49.

Rowden, E, and Stein, JA, 2018, ‘Reading List: Public Architecture’Places Journal, March.

Conference papers:

Stein, JA, and Rowden, E, 2017, ‘Talking spatial memory: Workers, inmates, institutional buildings and mnemonic space’, Oral History Association of Australia Biennial Conference, Sydney, 16 September.


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